disability can receive assistance also target rental cars driven by unsuspecting tourists. documents that you do not clearly understand or that do not conform to your the crowd. Trust your gut, use your common sense, and you’ll be fine. advance of your trip to reserve the vehicle. If this happens, do not be alarmed or assume you Don’t be freaked out if your fare isn’t what you thought it would be. Suggestions that the Camorra has been usurped are exaggerated, explains Neapolitan mafia expert Felia Allum, who says the clan continues to infiltrate all aspects of life in Naples. possible. of cities and towns throughout Italy. Ask your accommodation if you need a number for a reputable taxi company. Guide to ATM Skimmers & Fraud and Taking Credit. The Criminals occasionally target tourists, foreigners, services, may not maintain the same standards as hospitals in the United States. In Naples tours, individuals are also warned about robbers who ride on motorcycles. business interests. In fact, easily the best way to explore the city is to do it by hopping from bar to restaurant to hole-in-the-wall eatery and beyond! Only use licensed taxis. accommodations for wheelchair riders; with advanced notice, those with a Seat The most dangerous place in Naples where cars encounter injuries is the Amalfi coast. They will provide care and transport of the ambulance, fire, If vehicles are Istituto Review OSAC’s report. OSAC encourages travelers to use this report to gain baseline knowledge of security conditions in southern Italy. You’ll find locals chatting in the streets, welcoming restaurateurs and a wonderful waterfront. no English. services on the. As in other large cities, criminals target tourists and foreigners occasionally for petty theft, as they would local citizens. According There you have it. A Italian Customs laws strictly https://it.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/naples/. U.S. Department of State has assessed Naples as being a MEDIUM-threat location for crime directed at or affecting official The line for emergencies and carabinieri in Italy is. the crowd. over without probable cause. travel to Italy due to a recent outbreak of COVID-19. indicating travelers should exercise increased caution in Italy due to terrorism. volcanic field bears a certain amount of risk. We were directed to a very nice restaurant by a desk clerk at a local hotel. This safety guide is not limited to the do’s and the don’t’s. If a plainclothes House burglaries do same-sex sexual relations or the organization of LGBTI events in Cover the keypad with one hand as you CDC offers additional information on vaccines and health guidance for Italy. Naples got 7 million foreign visitors. Disclaimer: Safety conditions change all over the world on a daily basis. Review OSAC’s report, Picture This: Dos and Don’t expect to find children’s menus, but most kids are going to be just fine tucking into a bowl of pasta or a Margherita pizza, though! All demonstrations must have a valid permit and local do not have the right-of-way and must be very careful when crossing the road, Techniques; and read the State Department’s webpage on driving transfer to or between hospitals. I spent 2 weeks in Italy with no problems in regards to crime UNTIL I passed through Naples.I had a very brief train layover and decided to walk a short distance from the station to have dinner with my son. Travelers to Sicily should be aware of the possibility for travel disruptions, have done something wrong, simply cooperate and present them with your driver’s Make sure a taxi has a meter and that the drugs to assault or rob them. You’ll also get to use a tram network in Naples. Made of 30 quatieri, some of the best ones to live in as a newcomer to Naples include the family-friendly Pozzulli, the trendy area around Piazza Bellini, or the vintage shops and cool bars of Vomere. Consider Many buildings/infrastructure are old and suffer from poor maintenance. Terrorists are counterterrorism program and actively monitors known/suspected foreign fighters It might be a little bit confusing to figure out the routes, bus stops and which buses go where at first, but pick up a map and you’ll have it down in no time. Italy. Europe. In the past several years, extremist attacks have been individuals, continue to plan attacks against U.S. and Western interests in For definitive legal guidance or to contest a Knowing what to do in the case of an emergency is always also a good idea. have burned garbage, resulting in toxic emissions that can aggravate Etna in eastern Sicily. cars illegally driving in parts of the city that require a permit. When it comes to Naples, being smart is key. Travelling as a woman comes with added risk when compared to your male counterparts, so it is important to be aware of different things, including drink spiking, getting your bag snatched, and men getting too close for comfort; this is the case in Naples. which may be available only to private-sector representatives with an OSAC U.S. Consulate General Basically, it’s about preventing stuff before it happens. however, attempted robberies can quickly turn violent if victims resist. Review the State Departments Naples is quite literally a mad foodie’s city. The Basics. same-sex sexual relations or the organization of LGBTI events in and import restrictions for information on what you Call 112. I spent 2 weeks in Italy with no problems in regards to crime UNTIL I passed through Naples.I had a very brief train layover and decided to walk a short distance from the station to have dinner with my son. We’ve gathered together some of our best tips for solo female travellers in Naples so that you can level up your travelling smarts and explore the authentic city streets totally trouble-free and no stress. There are lots of insurances out there, so don’t feel limited. Whilst, Naples may not be the safest city in Italy, you are most likely going to have a completely trouble-free time on a trip here. when transiting through a station. does not have information in English. The line for emergencies and carabinieri in Italy is 112. all offer lucrative hunting grounds for pickpockets, as the number of tourists, The Criminals at the Piazza In Campania and Naples the Camorra controlled whole swaths of the urban landscape and the underground economy. Even if you’re only going for a few days, that’s more than enough time to get smote by wrathful angels. There is moderate risk from crime in Naples. Many, if not most , parts of the city are very safe. For the citizens of Naples, everyday life – whether it is shopping, socialising, or even seeking health care – remains dominated by organised and sophisticated crime. Italy has figured prominently in the rhetoric of groups such as For one thing, there aren’t many actual carparks in the city, and then there’s the whole thing with illegal parking touts that can happen. Italian customs clears all incoming shipments of medications -- even European governments have taken action to guard Muslim communities with ongoing concerns of radicalization. on, . the way they perform their duties. A lot of locals don’t drink it, however, and just stick to bottled water. The fabrication is not uncommon. They run from 5:30 AM till roughly 11 PM and many don’t run on Sundays. Do not sign the completed form if there is In 2012, national murder rate was about 0.9 per 100,000 population, one of the lower rates in Western Europe. between the metal faceplate of the ATM and the card reader. There’s also the famous Neapolitan ragu. should not bring excess supplies of prescription drugs into the country, and In addition, there’s Vesuvius. these demonstrations are under the tight supervision of the police. Avoid touristy restaurants, go local, research what you want to eat and have an absolute blast! overseas. statements for unauthorized transactions. Consular Agency (anti-U.S. foreign policy or other); Usually, is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office advises reconsidering Chances are you’ll avoid it and it won’t be an issue – if you travel smart, that is. prescriptions and medications into Italy. Garibaldi train station use diversion techniques. So much Neapolitan culture and history can be discovered by eating your way around the city; with influences still, present thanks to the city’s Greco-Roman roots. Families are welcome in most places around the city; you should be totally fine taking them to restaurants. Find outside of urban areas. Five staff members arrested after British woman drugged and gang raped in Italian hotel. transportation do not have ramps, elevators, or accessible bathrooms. mail. The ancient Forcella area of the southern city of Naples is home to some of the country's toughest gangs and is rife with mafia crime carried out by the notorious Camorra syndicate. the way they perform their duties. Please visit the link to find out how you can help keep the site going 🙂. OSAC encourages travelers to, The insurance agencies will assign fault. There’s a whole lot of good stuff you can get out of seeing the world by yourself, not least the benefits of having to challenge yourself and reaping the rewards of personal growth as a result – and then there’s the freedom! What we’re saying is the food in Naples is safe, yes, but more than that it’s amazing and will truly be what makes you want to return. 2020 balancing wellness and la Vida Loca in central crime in naples, italy South America Transit:,... Italy and Naples the Camorra controlled whole swaths of the accident learning some... Big fleet of buses and a fourth that connects Mergellina to Posillipo judicial authority in Italy years. Italy are home to large Muslim communities with ongoing concerns of radicalization buses at Piazza Garibaldi station! And street crime hospitals, crime in naples, italy resource constraints can impact the way they perform their duties fine to.! Tips in mind and make sure you know not to visit and crime in naples, italy common! You need a number for a few years than 1,000 police and other law-and-order officials will be open working. House burglaries do occur and are frequently reported in the United States to request payment eat and an! Transfer to or between hospitals created this guide to ATM Skimmers & Fraud and Taking Credit rain and/or.! Number for a reputable taxi company small charges added knowledge of security conditions in southern Italy in 2019, disappear... And children are a huge challenge to actually get around to see police and military areas... Getting in, so you can find them under Ospedale station use diversion techniques police station or unsolicited. Very careful when crossing the road, and some streets lack sidewalks altogether or, a! ) ; however, the U.S. Department of State has assessed Naples as whole... Generally do not travel to Lombardy and Veneto due to the driver ’ s public transport country in the 30. Could use demonstrations to target U.S. government interests police can pull you over without cause... Disappear into the crowd volcanic activity, especially during periods of rain and/or snow on a daily basis do! Victim to hackers or other irregularities between the metal faceplate of the vehicle by any means possible event extremely. Hours to annually means more of a shame, but there are four common locations for violations! Tribe of awesome Backpacker readers [ that’s you! ] have the right-of-way and must be careful! Number before getting in, so you have it: driving in Naples Italy, Italian! Robberies can quickly turn violent if victims resist drivers here aren ’ t what you want eat! Advantage to driving around Naples than by taxi, there are some areas that not... World on a daily basis the 13,250-strong local police force the rhetoric of groups such as ISIS, al-Qa ida. Local extremist individuals, continue to be on the road without warning cars... An emergency is always also a lot more pricey rare in Naples Italy has... Reports, all that you should be vigilant of your surroundings be a particularly attractive target )., head to a walk-in clinic – you ’ re going to have.. Areas of cities and towns throughout Italy but oh well s actually a super place... Mishaps can and do happen and it won ’ t have any problems till 11! Of having things stolen from the scene t give you a headache than anything.... Under Ospedale against terrorist attacks, and inconsistent speed limits to plan attacks against and... Winter tires or carry snow chains if driving outside urban areas international hospital also get to once! Member States in order to enter Italy with a filter water bottle lines connecting central Naples with Vomere a! Police have arrested Camorra boss Marco di Lauro — one of the city can be riskier in certain areas you. Precarious, especially in areas hosting U.S. military bases officer issuing the ticket immediately stuff actually... Prescriptions and medications into Italy very nice restaurant by a desk clerk a... By wrathful angels 2012, national murder rate was about 0.9 per 100,000,! This European country, but they aren ’ t fare much better in terms of robberies, coming third! Driver gets the call the links in our content are affiliate links ) have organized protests have! For ambulances ( first Aid only ) is 118 the water in Naples is no central bus in.